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loc. Rondine 1
52100 Arezzo - Italy
Phone: +39 0575 364460
via Mazzini 6/a
52100 Arezzo - Italy
P.0. box 46 Arezzo Centro
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Benvenuti a Rondine
Who We Are

Rondine is… a medieval village overlooking the Arno, just a few kilometres from Arezzo. Rondine is… the memory of a village, abandoned ...

European School Of Peace Studies
Always experimenting with new forms of reconciliation and shared life, Rondine sees the testimonies of its students and the cultures they represent as an integral part of ...

What Are We Becoming?
Rondine will be... a workshop that will look at when and how conflict seminates pain and death as well as how conflict may lead to the birth of something new.

The International Hall Of Residence
The International Hall of Residence is at the heart of the Cittadella. Since 1997 Rondine has been housing young students from war torn areas around the world.

Artistic Section
Rondine is also a place of celebration and narration. The best interpreters from the various artistic disciplines meet with students and straight forward art lovers ...

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Arezzo Verso Verona
01/01/2006 - "Le Piazze di Maggio" is a manifestation we are preparing in collaboration with Episcopale Conference of Vatican. You can download the program broshure in pdf file.